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Rosehips oil is a cosmetic wonder due to its exclusive formula of natural occurring trans-retinoic acid (Vitamin A) and Vitamin C. It is scientifically proven to aid and reduce (if applied twice a day every day for approx. three months) It will reduce and prevent stretch marks, wrinkles & premature ageing, scar tissues, hyper-pigmented spots and redness and photo aging. It will also immediately relieve dry skin and eczema and is an excellent skin moisturizer for normal to dry skin.

Rosehips Oil is extracted from the seeds contained in the intensely red berry-like fruits –or hips- of a wild rose-bush that grows in the cool, lush mountain rainy valley of the southern Andes, in Chile.

This wild rose is known by the people of Chile as “Rosa Mosqueta“, and by scientists as Rosa Affinis Mosqueta. Its healing properties were a well kept secret of the native people of Chile for centuries. Now they have been validated by scientific research worldwide.

Rosehips oil is also known as dry oil because of its ability to permeate into extremely dry, ageing and wrinkled skin without leaving a greasy film on the skin. This oil is loaded with essential fatty acids and works wonders on dehydrated, acne prone and scar ridden skin.

Vitamin A which helps to slow down the skin ageing process is found abundantly in this oil. By increasing the collagen and elastin levels of the skin and promoting cell regeneration, Vitamin A helps to make the skin appear firmer, smoother and more elastic. Rosehip oil is also rich in linolenic and linoleic acids which are essential skin nutrients.

For people suffering from hyper-pigmentation, application of rosehip oil will help to diminish the skin blemishes and restore the skins normal tone. Application of rosehip oil on sunburned skin can accelerate the healing process and prevent long term damages.

Stretch marks, chicken pox and acne scars can be treated with the nourishing rosehip oil. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil can help to treat burns and dermatitis. Regular application of this oil can help to lighten these scars.
Over a period of time applying rosehip oil will ensure you have a petal soft skin.

Rosehips withEmu Oil has been proven best for:
Acne and acne scars * Preventing Age Spots * Sunburns * Wrinkles & Fine lines * Skin Moisturizer * Skin lightening * Chapped lips * Gum disease * Rhinitis * Keloids * Stretch Marks * Cellulites * Insect bites * Stings * Dermatitis * Eczema * Psoriasis * Athlete’s foot * Calluses * Bed sores * Skin rashes * Diaper rashes * Weak fingernails * Bruises * Burns * Cuts * Lacerations * Carpal Tunnel Syndrome * Muscle pains & spasms * Joint Pains * Rheumatism * Gout & Arthritis * Tired feet * Varicose veins * Radiation burns * Hair loss * Damaged hair * Conditioning & Nourishing Scalp * Dandruff * Headaches and Migraine