Monday, April 25, 2011

Age Defying Face Serum with Vitamins ACE

This is a concentrated anti-aging treatment which exotically and precisely combines Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant which helps stimulate the production of collagen, with Vitamins A and E to effectively combat the signs of sun damage. 
Benefits of using the Age Defying Face Serum with Vitamins ACE 
include: Firmed, toned and radiant looking skin, Increase collagen production for smoother skin, Repairs and reduces UV provoked damage and protects against future harm, Combats free radicals which cause aging, moisturizes all layers of the skin Refines pores and improves appearance

Our Age Defying Serum’s most vigorous ingredient is Ascorbyl Acetate, an extremely effective, reliable form of Vitamin C. It brightens, softens and evens skin tone while increasing elasticity and reducing pigmentations to promote revitalization and generate a youthful, glowing appearance.. 

The combination of Vitamins A-C-E effectively supplies the skin with energy to fight the signs of sun damage. This fabulous, technologically advanced serum absorbs quickly and powerfully into the skin eliminating any greasy and slippery sensation often experienced with such therapy.

How to Use:

Age Defying Face Serum with Vitamins ACE is perfect for use day and night. Apply small dots of  your Age Defying serum and smooth over clean face and neck. Wear alone, under facial cream or under make-up. 

Available in:

5 ml spray - Php150
10ml rolette - Php250
40 ml amber bottle with dropper - Php1000 - FREE SHIPPING