Monday, April 25, 2011

Scar Erase Face Serum with Rosehips and Emu Oil

Scar Erase Face Serum with Rosehips and Emu Oil 40 ml
 Scar Erase Face Serum with Rosehips and Emu Oil

Serums are oil-based and contain a much higher percentage of the ingredients. Compared to gels and creams, they are  20 times more effective and are able to penetrate all the layers of your skin.  This product is best used for facial scars, pimple  marks, and  other unsightly  surgical scars (yes, this will work even on old CS scars!) 

Rose Hip Oil's potent cell regenerating and wound-healing properties help to replace ugly scar tissues with healthy, normal skin. It not only remodels damaged skin structure, it also improves skin color and elasticity. Rose Hip Oil is a natural protector from the sun & wind as it locks in moisture and intensively nourishes with its potent blend of organic rosehip, Emu oil, Jojoba oil.

It  revitalizes and boosts the appearance of tired, stressed skin and with added vitamin E to help reduce puffiness and dark rings around the eyes (helps get rid of them fast!) while eliminating wrinkles and fine lines.  The Appearance of wrinkles can be reduced from 30% to 50% for most and up to 75% or more for younger skin. The problems of "crow? feet" in as little as few days and larger wrinkles will diminish in a few weeks, after applying this antioxidant serum twice daily.

How to Use:

As a face serum:  After cleansing and toning, apply several drops of this serum and massage gently over your face and neck.  You may even apply this around the eye area if you wish. Use morning and night, follow with your Rosehips E day cream or night cream.

As scar or stretch marks remover: For stretch marks and scars, just apply a few drops of  the serum onto your fingers (or use the rolette) and lightly massage the affected areas.  For best results , you may apply a thin coat of Nature's Healing Balm and leave on. Apply twice daily.

Available Sizes:

5 ml spray - PHP150
10ml rolette - PHP250
40 ml amber bottle with dropper - PHP1000 - with free 30 gram Nature's Healing Balm (free shipping within the Philippines)