Saturday, May 14, 2011

Help, I'm Aging!

Miel Receno - Punongbayan
My heart isn't but my skin is!

Ever since I turned 30, I resolved to take caring for my skin to the next level. Vitamin E and C forever, plus I started trying out age-defying-skin-renewing-age spots-erasing creams out in the market. But, aside from the fact that they are expensive, they actually made my skin drier, minsan nagkaka skin breakouts pa ko.

Buti na lang may best friend akong VAIN!

I love you Steph!

A list of my new allies in caring for my skin :

#1 - Rejuvenating Night Cream  - panalo to. smells good, feels rich. works.

#2 - Age Defying Eye Serum - dark circles around my eyes ? goodbye!

#3 - Coffee Mint Scrub - smells so good i thought i was in a coffee shop. plus the minty feeling creeps into the skin kulang na lang me masahista ka kasama sa loob ng bathroom.

#4 - Scar Erase Facial Wash - softer skin every time i wash my face!

#5 - Healing Balm - all around (mosquito bites, scars, burns) used this on an ant bite and a mosquito bite, hindi na nakaporma ang toxin nila! ;)

Miel: Steph, mukha na kong adik sa itim ng ilalim ng mata ko!
Steph: sige, pagawa tayo eye serum.
I'm also using age-defying crub, age_defying toner, scar remover face serum, scar erase lotion, and a bunch of body scrubs that Steph concocts.

It sounds like a lot doesn't it? tamad tamad ko pa naman maglalagay ng kung anu-ano. Kaya lang, mahirap na, baka magmukha akong ate ni Raffy, ewwww.

And, since you are my friend, I am encouraging you to try these products for yourself. I started lang with the moisturizer, pagkatapos ng isang linggo, kinuha ko na all of the above!