Monday, May 30, 2011

Skin Glow Acne Vanishing Scrub

Introducing the latest addition to our acne vanishing treatment line.  Skin Glow Acne Vanishing Scrub is a two in one cleanser and scrub formulated to arrest even the most stubborn breakouts - without harming your skin!

Formulated with potent Rosehips, Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Jojoba micro beads, our Acne Vanishing Scrub effectively absorbs excess oil on your face; unclogs pores to help your skin breathe; fights blackheads and blemishes; and protects skin against roughness and dryness.

How to Use:

Start eliminating acne by cleansing your face with Skin Glow Acne Vanishing Scrub morning and evening. Follow with Skin Glow Acne Vanishing Toner and finish off with  the new Skin Glow Acne Vanishing Serum. 

Available in:

60ml bottle -P125
100 ml bottle - P200